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To compete in the 2021 Gloss Pageantry National Pageant and to begin your State Title reign, complete these easy steps below!



To CHOOSE your State Title, PayPal Gloss Pageantry the $200 State Title fee at:

Include the contestants first and last name, age as of October 1st, 2021 and first and second title preference of choice in the notes of PayPal.

You will then get the following: 

*Crystal Aurora Borealis Crown (this is the same BEAUTIFUL crown our 2020 title holders have)

*Deluxe custom sash

*Enrollment into our Gloss Pageantry Patch Program. These monthly patches can be added to your custom sash to grow your #sashstory! Each State Title holder will participate in this program, in their community each month.

*Virtual Sponsorship Training in April. Do you want to attend the National pageant for FREE? This workshop will give you all the training, tips and tools you need to get sponsors in your community. The workshop is designed to encourage our #glossgirls to have positive self-esteem while promoting community involvement by #lendinghertitletowardsworthycauses (and saving money for the National pageant!).

*Gloss Pageantry’s Journey to the National Stage Journal. Get monthly tips and tricks directly from Gloss Pageantry’s Director on how you can be best prepared for the National stage.

*Access to our 2021 Gloss State Title Holders Facebook and/or Band App to stay up to date on all things Gloss! Including interaction with one another on ways to get involved in your community and start building new lifelong friendships!

*National Welcome Packet. This will include all the information for the National event including details on judging criteria for each category and Titles/Awards (in addition to crowning our Age Division National Titles, we will have SUPREME titles to crown!).



Once your registration fee is received, shortly after, you will then get a welcome email from the Gloss Directors confirming your payment was received.

All of your awards will be mailed to you within 3-4 weeks (custom sashes are ordered once payment is received). 

It's always ideal to plan for our events early. We want to make sure our contestants feel comfortable in all areas of competition to show our judges and audience who SHE really is! 

Our Welcome Packet will give you detailed information on all areas of competition and our Journey to the National Stage Journal will give your monthly tips as well! 

Mary Swenson from Confidence and Poise is our official Modeling Coach. For more information, please contact her through her website:



Part of what you gain being part of this organization is guidance on building your personal platform/social impact and identifying and growing your personal brand to make you the best possible version of YOURSELF! At Gloss Pageantry we do not tell you what events you can or can’t do or what your personal social impact should be. All we ask is that you focus on our mission of #LendingHerTitleTowardsWorthyCauses in all that you do! 
How will you lend your title towards worthy causes?



You will be added to our Gloss Pageantry 2021 State Title group on Facebook where you can get to know all the #glossgirls and brainstorm ways YOU can begin making a difference in your community.


This year, we are offering a Referral Program for State Title holders! Refer your siblings, friends, or other family members for AMAZING perks below!
Referrals must be signed up for a State Title by March 31st.
*Refer 2 friends; you’ll get a Gloss Sisterhood Patch to add to your #sashstory!
*Refer 3 friends; you’ll get the Gloss Sisterhood Patch and Custom Crown Case
*Refer 4 friends; you’ll get the Gloss Sisterhood Patch, Custom Crown Case, AND your very own personalized....
Gloss Pageantry Letterman’s Jacket to add your patches to!!
Jacket will be awarded on stage at Nationals in October